Stacks and Pieces of Code for Runtime Revolution

by Alejandro Tejada Capellan


Welcome to my website!

Download here a new version of penTool v0.3.2e

Download these experiments with Polygon graphics, Images, Text, Binary files and Animated GIF of the development platform Revolution.

Some of these stacks are adaptations from HyperCard stacks or code in other programming languages, like pascal or lingo. When possible, i contacted the authors to request their permissions to post this new version in this website. In every case, i left intact the contact information of each author, although many of them do not use these directions anymore. If you could send me actualized contact information for the authors of some of these stacks, i'll update accordingly their stacks with this new information.

Notice, these are links to download files, not to visit pages. Later, I'll add information.
In your browser, you had to keep the mousedown on the link to get a contextual menu.
From this menu, select "save link as" or "save target as".

Working with Binary and Text files

2D and 3D arrays matrices for Scale, Rotate, etc...

Vector graphics in movement


Animated Gif in movement

Experiments with Images

Import and export Polygon graphics

Edition and creation of Bezier and Quadratic curves using Polygon graphics

My mail direction is: capellan2000 at

Creative Commons License
Esta obra está licenciada bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución 3.0 Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.

Runtime Revolution
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